Collaboration Property

Collaboration is a deal between the Property Owner / Plot Owner and the developer/builder where a professional realty company such as Buildtune Constructions is appointed to reconstruct / build / develop a brand new swanky house on his land by entering into a Collaboration Agreement.

Renovation / Turn-key deals

We Design and execute the entire project. Renovate your home & office with us and get amazing experience of your home and office. We can customize the rooms with extravagances that can incorporate including the kitchen and bath remodeling.We can repaint the dividers, fence, and rooms also.

INTERIOR Designing

Buildtune Constructions focus on providing the superior service of interior designers in Delhi. The overall interiors of a space can set an atmosphere, a mood, or give people an impression of their persona about their lifestyle. The first part of interior design process at Buildtune Constructions always start with initial space planning .


  • Meet,Discuss & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Quotation Finalization
  • Build & Execution

This is our design exploration and brainstorming phase. The starting line for any project. During this phase, we learn everything about you. Your lifestyle, your preferences, likes and dislikes, your needs, goals, and wishes for your new space. It’s important for us to see through your eyes if we want to create something you love.

Spaces are made functional so that they blend in well with the overall style. To facilitate this, new sketches are created which transform the space planning. These drawings are drawn to scale and sent for you to approve. Once you approve the spacing, most of the heavy lifting is done!

During the design development phase, the approved design concept is refined and developed into more detailed drawings. Once the design plans have been approved, we will start preparing final design drawings and specifications along with the final quotation.

The final stage of the project. After all of the planning, sketching, and meetings, we finally begin construction and remodeling work on the space! We turn our concepts and pictures into the real thing. This phase of the design project can vary in length depending on the extent of the work needed.


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